Monday, October 13, 2008

Countdown to the End

So there is only a little over two weeks to get the written treatise finished. Finally i have begun writing more of the core of the thesis.

Throughout the semester i was constantly refining exactly how and what i was testing. I still have small issues to deal with to get a full set of results but the results i have are good enough to begin writing as they show all the logical relationships between different variables.

I will leave it to a post later on when i have actually written the conclusion to give a sum up of what i have done and the findings i discovered in regards to Singular Value Decomposition(SVD).

Although i know what the results mean and the conclusions that are drawn from the results in regards to my initial aim , it is still by no means a trivial tasks to express this in the form of a written treatise. So its looking like a busy two weeks to finish it all off.

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