Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Progress Update

So the semester is moving along and so is the thesis.

The main idea now is to get measurements to establish various relationships between different variables. For example the time to generate SVD as length of the document increases.

I have found a good website called project Gutenberg, which provides non-copyrighted books for download. I'm planning to use these documents and vary their length to help get measurements. For example take the first 2 paragraphs and calculate SVD/measure time, then take the first 4, then the first 6 and so forth.

As for code there has been some changes. Jorge and Steven are moving towards glosser 3 and has completely changed the layout of the code. however functionality still remains the same so this hasn't effected me that much.

However some of the information i want to get like number of terms used by tml for SVD is encapsulated in classes. As a result for me to get this information i had to add additional getter methods. Because these changes are two classes not written by me it was decided that for now i move by project into a branch and work on that since tml code might change during the meantime.

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