Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have some updates on the project and i will break up into two posts to explain the two separate things.

So the work on the Draft treatise continues which is due this Friday. I discussed with Rafael earlier in the the week the lack of papers regarding testing performance in implementations and thus lack of content to write about in the background chapter of the treatise.

Rafael suggested maybe changing the focus of the treatise to one implementing an alternative SVD algorithm. But after discussing this with Jorge later on he was able to get me a couple of papers that deal with implementation issues of LSA.

Using Google Scholar and checking the citation some other papers of similarity popped up. Now it looks like i will have sufficient papers and readings to be able to contextualise my project with what is already out there. Unfortunatley as these papers have come at this time i will probably be unable to finish my background by the due date of the draft treatise.

This shouldn't be a problem though since i already have a fair amount of content in the draft and should be a good platform going into the second half of the semester.

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