Sunday, August 24, 2008

Measuring Performance

After the repository issues were solved. I checked out Corpus Segmenter, glosser-indexer and tml as well as lib. However this was not enough to get it all working. I had installed m2 maven plugin for eclipse but did not install some of the optional components which caused maven to not work properly.

I met with Jorge and got some help setting eclipse up so that everything could build. After that i started looking at some of the example classes in corpus segmenter with the aim of trying to get a better idea about. As the main aim of my project is to determine whether to store or recreate the index i set about trying to meausre the times of various actions as the index was created.

I created a new class and used bits of codes from other classes to get me started. I'm still in the process of finishing this task.

In addition I have begun writing the Introduction for the partial treatise draft that is due in a couple of weeks. This will help clarify my project further and get me started on writing this big document.

Finally i will be meeting Jorge again on Tuesday for the glosser meeting after which we will discuss the progress of the project.

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