Sunday, August 3, 2008

Project Plan

The initial Project plan was written and submitted on Friday August 1st.

It outlined my current view and understanding of the background knowledge about the topic and also of what the project is about.

The timeline i included was an estimate that i made at this stage regarding the various activities that will be require to finish the treatise project.

As i stated before my topic is "Managing Machine Learning Models in collaborative web applications" , but what does this mean?

Well in this project the machine model in question is Latent Semantic Analysis(LSA) . Basically LSA is made of term-document matrix which counts frequency of words (rows) in documents (columns). It is quite useful because it can find word relations such as synonmy and polysemy.

In brief the aim of the project is to manage this model which is been used to research and extract useful information from students.

It will aim to address issues like

* Storing and retrieving the large term-document matrix
* how to deal with documents as they change, do we need to recalculate the entire LSA model? (computationally expensive)
* What to do with information extracting operations on the LSA model, should they be stored to save time later? if stored how to deal with changes to LSA model?

That's all for now. Hopefully i can refine the scope a bit more in the near future.

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