Sunday, August 24, 2008

Subclipse issues resolved

The source code of the project was stored in repository with SVN. I was attempting to use the same method as the others to access the code.

I downloaded Eclipse and using the find software updates installed subclipse.

However when attempting to add the url of the repository it failed. The first bit of information i found was to change the the SVN interface (Windows->preference->team->SVN) from JavaHL to SVNkit. This helped as now the when i attempted to add a repository it prompted me for the username and password. However i was met with a new error when the ssh connection simply failed and did not give any information in the error message.

The issue was finally solved by changing the password for the login, with the belieft that the use of the "@" character in the password may have been causing problems. This worked and i was finally able to access the repository.

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